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1 in 6 Americans Owns a Smart Speaker, Important News for Online Businesses


One in six Americans (16 %) now non-public a voice-activated smart speaker, up 128 % from January 2017. Out of the rising amount of people who non-public a smart speaker, 31 % said they use it for purchasing groceries purposes, together with items to their cart so they can overview them later for gain.

Findings come from the Smart Audio Report, Fall/Winter 2017, which analyzed smart speaker ownership wisdom from NPR and Edison Research. The know about moreover came upon that 29 % of smart speaker householders used their device to research an products they’re going to need to gain. A whole of 22 % used the speaker to re-order an products they have in the past purchased. The equivalent choice of folks ordered a new product with their smart speaker that they might not in the past purchased.

Implications of Rise in Smart Speaker Ownership

The undeniable fact that a emerging choice of consumers are using smart audio gadget when purchasing groceries online is eye-catching for small firms partnering with the likes of Amazon and Google. As consumers are using smart audio gadget to spend additional time purchasing groceries online, researching items, re-ordering products and ordering new products, the ones forefront devices would possibly simply finally end up great to small firms which advertise online.

The upward thrust of smart audio gadget moreover pieces fresh choices for firms to market their products and enhance their logo through voice-activated ads that allow target audience to ‘talk’ with a logo.

As Carrie Seifer, CRO for the IBM Watson content material subject matter and IoT platform, commented in the report:

“We have already begun to see that consumers are spending more time with these cognitive ads than with other digital ads.”

With one in six Americans now proudly proudly owning a smart speaker, a number of which might be using the ones built-in devices to shop for for products and engage with ads, small firms may also be good to recognize the business doable of smart audio gadget.

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