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10 Top Features to Grow Your Social Media

How without end do you be told and percentage a piece of writing in your phone? Or how without end do you snap, edit, and percentage at the side of your phone?

If you prefer creating and scheduling social media posts at the side of your phone, we would really like for you to take a look at our mobile apps. They will make social media promoting and advertising on the go super easy and blank for you.

In this submit, you’ll be informed additional regarding the Buffer mobile apps (Android and iOS) and the easiest 10 choices for smarter social media promoting and advertising.

Let’s get started!

Buffer for Android and iOS: 10 Top Features to Grow Your Social Media

Getting started with Buffer on mobile

If you don’t have our app installed in your phone already, you’ll be able to download the Android type from Google Play or the iOS type from iTunes.

Adding your accounts

When you open up the app, make a selection “I’m new to Buffer, let’s signup” if you are new to Buffer. You’ll be able to sign up for with without a doubt certainly one of your social group accounts (Twitter, Facebook, or SimilarIn) or your email. Tap in your most well liked signup risk, and log in to give Buffer get correct of access to to your account.

Buffer mobile app signup step 1Buffer mobile app signup step 2

Once you may have signed up, you’ll be offered to your Buffer mobile dashboard. You can connect additional social accounts via tapping in your profile image throughout the upper-left corner.

Connect social accounts

From correct right here you’ll be taken to the comparable group to log in and offers Buffer get correct of access to to your account. Then you’ll be able to make a selection which profile or internet web page you would like to have to add.

6 social group integrations

With our recent addition of Instagram, you’ll be able to now connect social accounts from the six number one social media platforms.

With the loose Buffer account, you’ll be able to connect up to three social profiles. For instance, you wish to have to connect three Twitter accounts or one Twitter account, one Facebook profile, and one Instagram profile.

Here are the 10 different social accounts you’ll be able to add to your Buffer account:

  • Twitter profile
  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook personnel
  • SimilarIn profile
  • SimilarIn Page
  • Google+ profile
  • Google+ Page
  • Instagram profile
  • Pinterest profile (only for Awesome or Buffer for Business account)

To give a boost to to the Awesome or Buffer for Business plan, tap in your profile image and scroll to the bottom. Tap on “Upgrade to Awesome” to find out additional regarding the Awesome and Small Business plans and purchase a subscription.

Upgrade to Awesome or Small Business plan

Using Buffer to organize your updates on the go

Setting up your agenda

First, it’ll be great to organize your agenda according to your need. We would have set a default agenda for you, which you’ll be able to keep or change.

To change your agenda, click on on on the settings apparatus icon throughout the lower-right corner and tap on “Posting Schedule”.

Schedule post 1Schedule post 2Schedule post 3

Here, you’ll be able to make a selection the days and events you would like to have to have in your social media sharing agenda.

Sending your first exchange

Let’s add your first exchange from the mobile app!

Tap on the plus icon at the bottom and in addition you’ll see the composer where you’ll be able to type your exchange, attach footage or video, and make a selection the accounts you’d like to percentage the exchange with.

Compose a new post

When you’re carried out, tap on the “Buffer” button to add the exchange to your queue, or tap “Share Now” to send it immediately.

If you could be on the Awesome or Buffer for Business plan, you’ll moreover give you the option to agenda your submit (Schedule Post) or add it to the easiest of your queue (Share Next).

Share options

Managing your queue

Tap on the Content tab to see your queued social media posts. You can tap on a submit to edit it, or tap and hang at the side of your finger to rearrange its position throughout the queue.

Edit or rearrange Buffer queue

10 easiest choices to get pleasure from the Buffer mobile apps

Now that you just’ve discovered the basics of the Buffer mobile apps, let’s check out one of the vital essential additional advanced, additional tricky choices.

1. Share from any app

Our app takes advantage of the built-in percentage menu that presentations up in most apps, to mean you can add updates to Buffer from any place in your device. Once you may have Buffer installed, merely tap the percentage menu inside another app, an identical to your browser or Pocket, and tap on Buffer to send an exchange to your Buffer queue.

Here’s an example of the way in which this turns out to be when sharing from Safari on iOS:

Share from any app on mobile

For iOS, you’ll first have to turn on the extension. You can achieve this beneath “Settings” > “Set up Extension”, where you’ll see a set of fast instructions.

2. Schedule native retweets

Here’s another cool issue you’ll be able to percentage quickly by way of the mobile app — native retweets.

When you see a tweet you would like to have to retweet or quote, tap on the menu arrow throughout the upper-right corner of the tweet, make a selection “Share Tweet via…”, and tap on Buffer.

Buffer retweet

If you don’t add any message with the retweet, we’ll submit it as a neighborhood retweet. If you do, it’ll develop to be a quote tweet at the side of your additional statement.

3. Get reminders for Instagram posts

Unlike most social media platforms, Instagram does now not allow apps to submit right away to Instagram. While Buffer cannot submit to Instagram in your behalf, we would really like to permit you to at each step.

Whether you add an Instagram submit to your Buffer queue by way of the desktop or your mobile, the Buffer mobile app will send you a notification when it’s time for you to submit. After you tap on the notification, Buffer will load your into Instagram and have your prewritten caption saved to your clipboard.

Buffer for Instagram notificationsBuffer for InstagramPosting on Instagram

4. Drag and drop to copy posts all through social accounts

Besides dragging and rearranging posts in your queue, you’ll be able to moreover copy a submit from one social account’s queue into another social account’s queue via dragging and dropping it into that other queue.

Drag and drop

With the multitasking function in iOS, you’ll be able to even drag and drop footage to Buffer to get began a draft in Buffer immediately.

5. Pause queue in events of emergency

There could be events whilst you want to have to pause your social media posting urgently because of any breaking data and events that have happened.

You possibly have your smartphone with you additional without end than your pc. And that’s why there’s a pause button throughout the mobile apps. Anytime you would like to have to pause your Buffer queue, merely whip out your phone and toggle the pause risk in “Settings”.

Unpaused Buffer queuePaused Buffer queue

Pausing is completed on a in line with social account basis. So when you have a couple of social accounts that you just’d like to pause posting for, you’re going to need to pause each and every queue in my view. You can be told additional about how pausing and unpausing artwork correct right here.

The following few choices are to be had throughout the Awesome or Buffer for Business plan. You can give a boost to to either one of the ones plans all through the mobile apps or from the web dashboard.

6. Quick re-Buffer to boost your reach

One of our favorite social media pointers is to re-use your easiest social media posts. While the ones posts have performed well up to now, now not your whole fanatics would most likely have seen them. Resharing them allows additional fanatics (and even non-followers) to see them.

Here’s how to do that all of a sudden with the Buffer mobile app:

  • Tap on “Analytics”
  • Tap on “Recent” beside the date and make a selection “Most Popular”
  • Find the submit you would like to have to percentage another time
  • Tap on the tiny arrow throughout the upper-right corner and make a selection “Rebuffer”
  • Edit the submit as you prefer

You can then percentage the submit immediately or agenda it for later.

Rebuffer top posts

7. Shuffle queue to mix problems up

If you without end percentage a few quotes from the an identical article or a few links from the an identical site in a row and want to mix them up, you’re going to be happy to know that you’ll be able to shuffle your Buffer queue.

The shuffle button is located merely above your queue throughout the app. When you tap on “Shuffle”, you’ll see a confirmation message. Once you tap “Yes”, the posts in that queue will be shuffled randomly.

Shuffle Buffer queue

8. See how your posts are showing

We hope to make it easy for you to check out your social media potency as and whilst you want to have. Just open up the mobile app and tap on “Analytics” at the bottom of the show. Buffer for Business customers will get the ones three stories.

Posts Report: You’ll see a history of your published posts and each and every of their key engagement metrics. There may be a comparison at the side of your average submit potency from the former 30 days to permit you to instantly understand if the submit is showing upper than previous posts. (Read additional regarding the Post Report correct right here.)

Overview Report: This document gives you an common view of your engagement levels, as antagonistic to the per-post basis that you would find throughout the Posts Report, in your Twitter account and Facebook Page. (Read additional regarding the Overview Report correct right here.)

Insights Report: You’ll find charts of engagement metrics, an identical to clicks and reach, through the years in this document. If you tap on any of the problems on the chart, you’ll see the absolute resolve of that point.

Posts ReportOverview ReportInsights Report

9. Get a preview of your Instagram gallery

This is without a doubt certainly one of our most requested Instagram choices — the Instagram Grid Preview.

With this preview, you’ll be able to see how your upcoming posts will look like in your Instagram gallery, alongside the published posts. You might also drag and drop your scheduled posts throughout the preview to create your absolute best Instagram gallery.

Buffer Instagram Grid Preview feature

10. Share articles from your Content Inbox

Curating content material subject matter is a great way to provide your fanatics with treasured insights, resolve your authority, and get additional fanatics.

You can merely discover great content material subject matter and immediately agenda them the use of the Content Inbox function all through the Buffer mobile app. The Content Inbox can be came upon throughout the Content tab, final from the left inside the most productive navigation bar. (You would most likely have to swipe the navigation bar to the left to find your Content Inbox.)

Once you may have organize your RSS feeds, you’ll see all the new blog posts from the websites in your Content Inbox. You can then tap on the link to check out that blog submit and tap on “Add” to Buffer that link.

Content Inbox

How are we ready to toughen our apps?

It’ll be great to concentrate from you. If you may have tried our mobile apps, what do you prefer most about it? How are we ready to make it upper for you and your small business?

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