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2 in 3 Employees Don’t Trust Your Process, Many Looking for New Jobs


There’s a superb opportunity that your employees aren’t very happy with your business’s processes, in retaining with a just-released know about from Nintex, a workflow and content material subject material automation company. And that trust might simply purpose a large number of them to seek employment in other puts.

The Relationship Between Business Processes and Employee Morale

The know about, referred to as the “Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes,” came upon that a couple of third of employees at U.S. firms with at least 1,000 employees are looking for new jobs. And 86 % of group of workers cited their employers’ broken processes as crucial factor in the back of their alternatives. Overall, 67 % of employees believe that their employers’ broken processes prevent them from achieving their whole potential.

More in particular, the kinds of processes that employees are much more likely to know as broken include tech troubleshooting, get right to use to apparatus and forms that have the same opinion with procedure potency, potency reviews, promotions and employee onboarding.

While those particular findings come from employees of larger firms, it will in all probability however offer some treasured insights to small business house owners. Small and large firms alike could have broken processes. If your employees are pressured to wait without end to get IT have the same opinion or spend all day doing mindless busy artwork that doesn’t benefit from their skills or advance their careers in any method, it will in all probability contribute to poor employee morale.

Nintex CEO John Burton said in a remark, “Broken processes within American enterprises like trouble contacting IT and inconsistent performance reviews are taking a serious toll on employee morale and increasingly becoming a top concern for C-suite leaders. Given the Nintex study findings, it’s clear that automating the long tail of business processes can no longer be postponed. By automating processes, business leaders can ensure a strong foundation for positively improving employee retention and productivity.”

So for firms looking to create happy workplaces and keep their employees spherical long-term, fixing the ones processes is a will have to. One risk is to automate where possible, instead of relying on employees to spend their own time on tedious tasks. It’s moreover a good idea to get input from employees to go looking out the right areas where they are disenchanted.

You can in discovering further information about Nintex’s findings in the company’s new downloadable ebook.

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