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A Simple Three-Step Approach to Increasing Conversions and ROI


There’s this type of lot to learn with social media selling that it’s tricky to know exactly where to get began.

For example, target market focused on, budgeting, A/B trying out, pixel tracking, writing, designing, and analyzing all need to be taken into consideration if you want to have to see positive ROI from social media selling.

There’s time and assets to believe as successfully.

Even extraordinarily gifted social media managers that oversee multi-million greenback selling budgets take into account that it takes lots of experiments (and disasters) to take hold of the art work of social media ads.

After speaking with absolute best producers and marketers from around the globe, we’ve discovered a simple Three-step way to a good fortune social media selling. This way will mean you can put across all the various portions of selling together in absolute best conceivable cohesion and how to power additional ROI from your ad spend.

Let’s dive in!

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A Three-step way to social media selling

Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of hours experimenting with various social media selling strategies.

Whilst research every and each and every of the ones experiments, we found out that there was once as soon as a ton of awesome advice on ways for every and each and every individual channel, alternatively what we were missing was once as soon as an normal strategic way or “way of thinking” about social media selling.

Instead of that specialize in individual ways and channels that incessantly trade, we would have liked to focal point on a blueprint that may be carried out to any business or emblem, irrespective of the business or product. And that’s what I’d love to share with you beneath.

That social media selling blueprint is broken up into three distinct ranges:

  • Awareness (Top-of-the-funnel or TOFU)
  • Consideration (Middle-of-the-funnel or MOFU)
  • Conversion (Bottom-of-the-funnel or BOFU)

3-Step Approach to Social Media Advertising

Unless you are going to have a product that’s flying off the shelf or a viral promoting advertising and marketing marketing campaign, you’ll regularly need all three ranges (awareness, consideration, and conversion) working in tandem to attract and achieve new shoppers.

Why all three ranges are important

One of the problems I pay attention most from firms is that they’re having bother finding good fortune with social media selling, particularly Facebook, in making an attempt to advertise their product or merchandise and products and services.

Whenever we get that statement, one of the crucial first questions we ask those firms is: “Do you are going to have any campaigns organize that aren’t simply making an attempt to advertise, alternatively to generate awareness?”

More regularly than no longer the answer is “no.”

It can also be slightly an issue to in an instant get started selling your product by the use of social media selling. As a marketer, you are going to have to be ready to assemble relationships with conceivable shoppers first forward of you ask for the purchase.

That’s where this idea of awareness, consideration, and conversions come into play.

Pros and cons of social media selling


  • Campaigns are easy to observe
  • You can get started to power guests and conversions in an instant (depending to your knowledge of your shoppers)
  • You’ll have an entire symbol of the ROI on every and each and every advertising and marketing marketing campaign
  • Tons of focused on possible choices, at the side of: age, likes, interests, income bracket, location, and other demographics
  • Retargeting possible choices for many who have interacted at the side of your content material subject matter or visited your internet web page
  • Relative to other selling mediums, social media can also be extremely slightly priced (which all folks love)


  • Depending to your target market, a majority of the objective target market may be inappropriate – Leading to “wasted” ad spend
  • Easy to create ads and go away them without ever checking on potency which can moreover lead to costliness
  • Social media selling requires a lot of time and attention in order to maximize results
  • Run the risk of what marketers identify ad fatigue. Potential shoppers might be confirmed an ad too early or too regularly and be changed into off
  • Larger investment upfront when you resolve a very good mix of content material subject matter, visuals, and copy

Here’s a handy guide a rough video preview on the importance of social media selling from our new Skillshare class:

An Online Skillshare Class by means of Brian Peters

Social Media Advertising: Awareness Stage

In the attention stage, people are each utterly unfamiliar at the side of your emblem or are unaware that they have a pain degree that wants to be solved.

Social Media Advertising: Awareness Stage

Let’s use Nike as an example, many people have heard of Nike (and they maximum undoubtedly even private a few Nike sneakers or a piece of drugs!)

If you’re an instantaneous, somewhat unknown competitor of Nike, the attention stage is a crucial place to get began with social media selling. Reason being, Nike has a strong hold to be had available on the market when it comes to emblem awareness and affinity. People may not know that your sneakers and/or apparatus is additional competitively priced or upper prime quality than Nike.

Awareness & herbal content material subject matter

One great methodology for increasing emblem awareness is to focal point on herbal social media posting and amplifying your absolute best showing content material subject matter.

One of an important possible choices for such a large amount of producers with limited time and assets is to simply boost absolute best showing posts from their internet web page. Not absolute best is this one of the slightly priced form of social media selling, however it moreover provides producers with a way to reach a brand spanking new purchaser segment that they may not have been in a position to with typical ads.

Organic social media content material subject matter is an outstanding catalyst in increasing word-of-mouth promoting. People are so much a lot much less more than likely to share an industrial that turns out like an industrial with their pals and family.

For example, we boosted a contemporary submit on Facebook that highlighted from one amongst our Buffer Community people. With merely $100 dollars, the ones are the results we gained:

Facebook Boosted Post - Buffer Example

We spend about 70% of our normal selling price range on simply amplifying or “boosting” absolute best showing content material subject matter. Some of the ones boosted posts have reached up to 750,000 folks with one or two hundred dollars. Where else are you in a position to reach 750,000 folks for a few hundred dollars? It’s improbable!

Awareness & target market focused on

What I truly like most about TOFU social media selling is that you’ll be able to be in a position to boost posts to explicit, focused audiences.

With Facebook, for example, you don’t have to use the “boost post” button that you simply see next to your posts inside the feed. Instead, as a Page manager, you’ll be able to be in a position to use Facebook Ads Manager to create a advertising and marketing marketing campaign (harking back to guests, engagement, or video views) to create a custom designed target market.

Then, each time you’ve created a custom designed, highly-relevant target market, simply make a selection the “use existing post” chance.

How to Boost a Post in Facebook Ads Manager

This will give you normal regulate over price range, objectives, target market, and shall we in you to run boosted posts alongside all of your other campaigns with the aim to overview results.

Boosted posts aren’t your best choice for marketers inside the awareness stage of social media selling. You can advertise with amusing articles, motion pictures, graphics, memes, GIFs – anything that you know an target market will answer to and (ideally) share with their enthusiasts.

The main focal point inside the awareness stage is to create and share content material subject matter that’s super-high-up inside the funnel (TOFU). This content material subject matter shouldn’t necessarily ask for a sale or be a product promotion. It may have to simply look to provide amusing, useful, or entertaining content material subject matter to an target market who is blind to your emblem or unaware that they have a pain degree.

Going once more to our Nike example, awareness-type content material subject matter can be a video assortment on selecting the right kind sneakers for all types of movements, or it can be a entire comparison data on the latest shoe sort.

Anything that catches any individual’s eye! This will lend a hand set your corporation up for the next stage, which is consideration.

Social Media Advertising: Consideration Stage

The second part of our Three-step way is the consideration stage.

Consideration and conversions are what we consumers typically think about when they pay attention the apply “advertising.”

Consideration, in particular, is the stage where people are each aware of your product or recognize that they have a pain degree and are researching possible choices.

Social Media Advertising: Consideration Stage

Pixel focused on

It’s inside the consideration stage where honing in on correct focused on and retargeting can develop to be a huge factor inside the normal good fortune of your ads. Targeting the correct target market can lead to higher conversions and lower costs.

We recommend having the basic Facebook Pixel organize to your internet web page. You can find your unique pixel in Facebook Ads Manager underneath “Pixels.”

Installing the Pixel will allow you to observe the behavior of consumers to your internet web page and moreover function them with Facebook Ads sooner or later in step with explicit actions. It’s magical!

Here’s what it’s going to seem to be on Facebook after you’ve successfully put for your Pixel:

Installing Facebook Pixels on Your Website

Keep in ideas that many social media networks offer snippets of code that you’ll be able to be in a position to place to your internet web page in order to utterly observe the good fortune of your ads.

Other focused on possible choices

If you don’t have a ton of internet web page guests at the present time, that’s OK! There are other great ways to function precious audiences for your corporation on Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences

One of my favorite ways is the Lookalike custom designed target market chance. Using Facebook’s delicate algorithm you’ll be able to be in a position to create a custom designed Lookalike target market that target’s consumers who are possibly to have interaction or gain from your emblem.

There are two great ways to transfer about creating a Lookalike target market.

One, you’ll be able to be in a position to upload an electronic message document of your Most worthy shoppers – ideally shoppers that have a over the top lifetime value (LTV), or shoppers you know that make repeated purchases. That supplies Facebook an excellent spot to get began in figuring out who to function.

Two, you’ll be able to be in a position to create a Lookalike target market based on your own Facebook Page target market. In other words, an target market that’s moderately an identical to the people who in recent times like and have interaction at the side of your internet web page.

Create a Lookalike Audience - Facebook Ads Manager

We’ve noticed massive good fortune with Lookalike audiences on Buffer’s Facebook Page.

Recently, we experimented with uploading a Mailchimp document of Buffer for Business and Awesome consumers to Facebook and created a Lookalike target market from there. Campaigns the usage of this custom target market have led to a 30% lower CPC and a 11% higher conversion value than our same old demographic-based target market.

Demographic-based audiences

Speaking of demographics, that’s the full (alternatively however great) manner to function consumers. You can function consumers in step with age, location, mobile device, interests, income, job identify, and tons additional.

Where we’ve noticed one of the good fortune is focused on consumers who like pages identical to ours. We might function consumers within the tournament that they’ve most well-liked pages harking back to Hootsuite, Jay Baer, Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner, Socialbakers, and other identical producers to Buffer.

Creating a Demographic-Based Custom Audience on Facebook

How to way the consideration stage

To quickly overview, the consideration stage is where your shoppers are each conscious about your emblem or aware that they have a pain degree that they’d like to transparent up. So it’s important to articulate your ads in such a manner that speak to shoppers at this stage of their journey.

Similar to the attention stage, folks inside the consideration stage however need just a bit of steering or time forward of creating a purchase order order. In speaking to some massive producers and people who center of attention on Facebook Ads, a good fortune content material subject matter in this stage is based such a lot on the value and perceived value that you simply’re providing.

Some great questions to ask listed below are:

  • What particularly are you providing consumers that is rather than they are used to seeing, listening to, learning, and experiencing in on social media or in their business?
  • Is what you’re selling with so compelling that that that they had to click on on?

For example, let’s say your corporation is a promoting corporate and you would like to have to get additional qualified prospects into your product sales funnel. You started inside the awareness stage and boosted one amongst your absolute best showing posts on Facebook which drove some guests to your internet web page.

Awesome! Now what?

If you are going to have Facebook Pixels organize to your internet web page, you’ll be able to be in a position to create a Custom Audience in step with guests to that specific internet web page and retarget those consumers with an add for another identical piece of content material subject matter. Or you’ll be able to be in a position to function them with an invitation to an upcoming webinar on marketing strategy. Or, a free download of an ebook that you simply created on starting a business.

Since that focus on target market already interacted at the side of your content material subject matter on Facebook and has now visited your internet web page, you’ll have a far higher probability of getting them to sign up for something sooner or later and will even get their electronic message take care of when you’re at it!

Here’s an example of a piece of consideration (MOFU) content material subject matter we ran with HubSpot remaining 12 months:

HubSpot and Buffer Social Media Calendar

One additional example of focused on inside the consideration stage!

First, we created a TOFU video that was once as soon as supposed to purely power views and engagement.

After posting the video organically to Facebook, we boosted it for additonal views. After about Three or 4 days the views climbed up into the thirty-thousand range.

We then created a Custom Audience in step with people who watched more than 10 seconds of this video we created (making them a highly-engaged shopper). Within that custom designed target market, we excluded any person who had visited Buffer.com or blog.buffer.com inside the remaining 60 days.

Finally, we focused a absolute best showing and an identical blog submit to this target market to power guests to our internet web page.

This ad has driven more than Three,500 visits to our blog for now not up to $0.15 in step with click on on. All of which haven’t been to any of our pages within the remaining 60 days!

Which leaves us with one remaining stage, the money maker, conversions.

Social Media Advertising: Conversion Stage

The conversion stage is without doubt one of the trickiest ranges to take hold of, alternatively those that get the cling of it should in all probability power massive results for their business.

Social Media Advertising: Conversion Stage

Success inside the conversion stage comes down to three crucial portions:

  1. The prime quality of your focused on
  2. The prime quality of your ads
  3. The skill to observe results.

It’s moreover worth noting that groovy conversion-focused ads just about always come with an unattainable to face up to offer.

For many companies, this can be a cut price on a product, a free-trial, a cut price, a buy-one-get-one-free offer, and even the standard product in entire worth depending on the business.

Along with that’s the importance of being able to observe results of your conversion ads by the use of apparatus similar to the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, a product like AdRoll, and even possibly your emblem’s CRM.

Understanding which campaigns are driving conversions, which campaigns are main to higher lifetime value shoppers, and which campaigns are losing money is super important in serving to you to double down on what’s working and drop or iterate on what’s no longer.

Here’a a truly easiest graphic from our contemporary interview with Ian Cleary on creating a product sales funnel that converts:

PRISM Funnel - Ian Cleary

It’s important to note proper right here that the apply “conversion” doesn’t necessarily have to indicate purchases or product sales. A conversion can indicate numerous more than a few issues to different firms.

You might find shopper who signs up for your webinar is much more precious then any individual who signs up for a free trial.

In that case, you’ll maximum undoubtedly find it precious to spend a majority of your ad dollars on webinar conversions, which you’ll be able to be in a position to observe with a simple landing internet web page and thank you internet web page.

Speaking of budgeting, proper right here’s a sneak peek at “Budgeting” from our new Skillshare class!

An Online Skillshare Class by means of Brian Peters

The conversion stage is all about figuring out how to observe precious pieces of content material subject matter in every and each and every part of the customer journey.

Over to you!

Social media selling can be a daunting enterprise for a lot of businesses and marketers. It’s what avoided us at Buffer from experimenting with ads for a long time.

Thinking of selling when it comes to the three different ranges: awareness, consideration, and conversion, you’ll be well-ahead of 90% of the social media selling marketers out there.

You can get started with the basics harking back to boosting posts to lend a hand assemble an target market that you’ll be able to be in a position to in spite of everything function down the street. Or, you’ll be able to be in a position to soar correct into the bottom of the funnel if you have a piece of content material subject matter that you simply assume would artwork particularly successfully.

We encourage you to get out there and take a look at it on your self!

We’re super excited to put across you our emblem new Skillshare class on social media selling! This 50-minute, simple class will mean you can create a forged foundation for your emblem or business on social media.

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