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Grumpy Cat Wins $710,001 in Trademark Lawsuit Against Small Beverage Business


Grumpy Cat — or a minimum of the corporate at the back of the internet-famous tom cat — simply received a significant copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit in opposition to a beverage corporate that used the cat’s title and symbol with out permission.

The family-owned beverage corporate, Grenade, if truth be told had an preliminary settlement with Grumpy Cat Limited to promote a beverage referred to as the Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino. But Grumpy Cat Limited claimed that Grenade used the cat’s symbol on a number of of its different merchandise the place it didn’t have permission. And the courts sided with Grumpy Cat, ordering Grenade to pay $710,001 in damages.

Lesson Learned from Grumpy Cat Lawsuit

For small companies, this lawsuit must function a very powerful caution. Just as a result of there’s a well-liked meme, symbol or personality that will get re-posted in all places social media and in other places on-line doesn’t imply it’s honest to make use of in exact advertising or packaging fabrics. These memes or characters from time to time if truth be told have firms or manufacturers at the back of them protective their highbrow assets. So the usage of names or photographs with out permission can also be simply as critical as different forms of copyright or trademark infringement.

In the case of Grumpy Cat, the cat’s proprietor arrange an organization surrounding the bitter confronted cat, whose actual title is Tardar Sauce, in a while after the preliminary picture went viral on-line. Since then, the corporate has created merchandise starting from books to drinks. So a part of operating that industry is protective the cat’s title and symbol in opposition to different entities attempting to make use of it for their very own pursuits with out permission. Other firms and types constructed round fashionable memes or information superhighway personalities also are more likely to do the similar.

For its phase, Grenade filed a countersuit claiming that Grumpy Cat Limited didn’t cling up its finish of the discount when it got here to selling the Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino. However, the jury once more sided with Grumpy Cat and no damages had been awarded in this situation.

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