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iPhone X Top Features You Need to Know

The very expensive iPhone X is a radical departure from the form factor of all other iPhone, including the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It is equipped with a black edge-to-edge OLED screen with a TrueDetect camera system that allows a brand new Face ID unlock system and Animoji features.

iPhone X Top Features

1) Swipe To Switch Between Apps

Another important feature of Apple has not been highlighted: the ability for users to switch from one active application to another to switch from one application to another. The way it works is, in an open application at the bottom of the screen where the new scan bar is located, simply swipe left or right to move into your active applications . It’s a great way to quickly bounce between apps and is a good complement to the new version of the app.

2) Hide Information In Notifications

This is one of the coolest features of the new iPhone X face recognition camera technology – and there is nothing you need to do to turn it on. The iPhone X knows when you look at your phone and when you do not. If a notification appears on your screen (for example, a new text message) and you do not see the display, the contents of the notification preview will not be displayed. But when you look at the display, the iPhone X will know that you are actively viewing it and will automatically display the contents of the preview. This is an impressive feature for those with prying eyes.

3) Dim Your Screen When Not Looking At It

Similar to the above feature, since the iPhone X knows when you’re watching your screen or not, it has the ability to instantly obscure your screen the second time you’ve done it. turn it off and it automatically brings brightness back to your standard settings once you look at your screen again. It’s great to save the battery life.

4) Tap To Wake

With the Home button gone, there are fewer and fewer ways for the iPhone X to wake up. Yes, you can still press the side button – but many people think that’s it. Not so, though. Apple has built a tap to restore functionality in the iPhone X display. Simply press once to wake it up.

5) Quickly Disable Face ID

Depending on where you live, the police may also ask you to unlock your smartphone on-site through its facial recognition features. For some reason, facial biomass is not protected in the same way that fingerprints and access codes are found in some localities. That’s why Apple has incorporated a feature that allows you to quickly turn off Face ID in no time without entering your settings. Simply press the side button five times and the face ID will be disabled and you will need to enter your password to access your phone.

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