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Is Apple’s HomePod Better Than SONOS Play One? (First Reviews Land)


Apple’s HomePod has been at the playing cards for ages now. The Apple HomePod gets a unencumber date within the coming weeks, although a make a selection few of Apple’s favorite blogs have now had some hands-on time with the software.

I say, “hands-on time” however what I in point of fact imply is an hour – Apple let its decided on reviewers play with the software for approximately an hour, it sounds as if. This clearly isn’t lengthy sufficient to construct a complete opinion of the software, however the entire reviewers gave the impression to agree that the HomePod was once spectacular.

The giant USP of a the HomePod is its audio efficiency; Apple’s making a bet giant in this side of the software’s features as each Amazon Echo and Google Home roughly suck at audio. I imply, they’re each OK, however no longer one thing you’d ever use to energy a birthday celebration to your flat or house.

Is Apple HomePod Better Than SONO Play One?

Apparently, it’s. That’s what one reviewer mentioned, anyway: “Having heard it side by side with The Sonos Play One and Google Home Max, A single HomePod is already much better than both in terms of sound quality. I would say the Sonos Play One was 80% of the way there, but it just lacked the clarity of bass and wide soundstage. The Home Max was consistent with the Sonos Play One.”

I knew once Apple introduced the HomePod it might be going after Sonos. Google and Amazon too, however most commonly Sonos as Sonos is the cost bracket that Apple can be concentrated on – the top rate finish of the speaker house. And as a way to do that it NEEDED to make sure the audio efficiency for spot on.

Most of the preliminary reviewers appear to suppose that Apple has nailed this side of the software. As for Siri, neatly… no person appears to be speaking about this side an excessive amount of. And given Siri’s chequered historical past, that is most likely why – she’s simply no longer that excellent. Though, taking instructions for track isn’t that tough, so possibly Siri has in the end discovered its calling in existence?

Apple’s HomePod speaker will move on sale for $349/£349 on February eight. Preorders for the software, alternatively, are actually open in case you wish to have to safe your self a unit immediately.

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