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Living with Lyme Disease – The Mummy Chronicles

As we switch into the new 12 months, let’s get one thing immediately. I’m dwelling with Lyme Disease. There I said it. I’m opening up about it further as we switch into 2018. Living with Lyme sickness manner something different for everyone on the other hand for me, it manner making this 12 months the 12 months of healing.

It manner a lot of customer posting on proper right here too.  Lol.  Because in truth since I was identified for the second time in May, my life began to unravel.  I didn’t make an effort to heal like I did final summer time (where I if truth be told consider I conquered it) once I got bit the principle time.  I didn’t leisure like forward of. I stored pushing my ideas and my body.  All summer time I went entire power.  Fall rolled spherical I continued to do the identical creating a time table that may double my artwork hours.   And I crashed.  Hard.

I thought I was once as soon as invincible. I’m not.

Dead Man’s Run – Everyone commented on how fit I gave the impression on the other hand I felt like this type of sham.

The beginning of the end of my old-fashioned life started went running my favorite race. My body merely wouldn’t allow me to run a 5k.  Something month forward of that was once as soon as easy.  From there I spiraled downward into panic attacks, crying uncontrollably, in bed each week with severe pain and stable doctor appointments. My body was once as soon as failing me and my ideas felt like it was once as soon as going with it.  Not one doctor looked as if it would understand or be capable to have the same opinion.  I will be able to’t even describe the unusual and no longer-completing indicators that piled on me as I went by way of each minute, hour and day.  That saying “one day at a time” had to be one minute at a time, one hour at a time on a excellent day.

The choice had to be made.  Changes were on the horizon. A brand spanking new way of life had to be solid.

One evening time after dinner as the children busied themselves somewhere else my husband and parents (they’ve been up frequently to have the same opinion out and continue to do so now.) sat me down and asked me to consider taking a 12 months off.  No artwork, merely leisure, studying what was once as soon as flawed with me and healing.  Heal the body, heal the ideas, and heal the soul.

Three Months Later

You know how to meet your deductible in document time?  Get Lyme sickness.  Or any illness that requires you going to the doctor and lab on a just about day-to-day basis. I seriously need this was once as soon as a shaggy canine tale on the other hand from October until January this was once as soon as my life.  Lab checks, poked, prodded, too tired to drive to the doctor or sitting throughout the automobile parking space of however every other doctor place of job crying on account of once yet again they didn’t know what was once as soon as flawed with me.

I always asked if this was once as soon as Lyme sickness.  I was always met with confusion, laughter, pity or denial.  They didn’t know enough regarding the sickness. I will have to go see every other type of specialist.  I will have to be cured since I took double the amount of meds for Lyme.  It was once as soon as maddening and I felt futile, depressed and impossibly tired.  The pain was once as soon as debilitating and the while the idea of not working felt out of the country initially, I now welcomed it.  I merely didn’t have it in me.

My life was once as soon as if truth be told Netflix and calm down.  I be informed a lot of books.  I finished doing the problems I liked on account of I was just too damn tired.  I cried each day. I grew decided.  Why Can’t I Get Better?   Wasn’t I unwell long enough?  Yet, the battle in me that pushed me to recover the principle time spherical looked as if it would have evaporated.  I felt like I wasn’t even me anymore.

In December problems began to look up.  It was once as soon as time to appear the blessings in life each day.  I may be tired and in pain on the other hand I’m ready to leisure and not artwork.  I’m there for my kids further even supposing I will be able to’t drive them in all places like I used to do. Our life is quieter and my introverted-self feels calmer than it has in years.  I believe further peaceful than I have in a decade.  I know that saying no is solely very good. And I have a brand spanking new doctor that I found out on a Lyme blog (naturally) who has cleared up a lot of my thoughts fog (I disregard the whole thing in combination with words or learn to use a hair elastic, and so on), relieved a lot of the pain and my energy has started to come back again once more little by little.

I’m a ways from “all better” or 100% Vicky on the other hand I have hope.  Hope for 2018 and healing.  That’s all I will be able to ask for nowadays and that’s OK.

Fashion Loves for my Lyme Life

People with Lyme sickness are frequently in pain, truly really feel cold and are if truth be told tired.  We want comfort and warmth.   Know a person with Lyme sickness or every other chronic illness?  You would perhaps wish to send a blanket scarf or pair of fuzzy socks their manner.  It would indicate the field to them.

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