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Nintendo’s Game Boy is BACK (And It’ll Work With Old Games Too!)


The Nintendo Game Boy is a antique product on this planet of gaming. It first offered 28 years prior to now, alternatively is now coming round again and, best of all, your old-fashioned video video games will however artwork on it.

Launched at CES 2018, the rebooted Game Boy choices an aluminium chassis, no longer plastic, and it is going to retail for $75 as quickly because it is available later on inside 2018.

This isn’t a Nintendo re-release, even supposing; no, this Game Boy was created by way of computing corporate Hyperkin. The product was demoed at CES alternatively is however provide procedure artwork. The company refers to it since the Ultra Game Boy.

Hyperkin has made various essential changes to the design, alternatively, introducing USB charging, a battery that lasts six hours, and a brand spanking new, backlit LCD display which means that that you are able to play the device at the hours of darkness without having a “snake light”.

The Ultra Game Boy may not come with video video games pre-installed; instead, consumers will have to use their old-fashioned ones, within the tournament that they however have them, or select up second-hand titles by way of internet sites like eBay and Amazon.


Nintendo introduced 119 million Game Boy devices during its full of life responsibility, with the product being taken off in 2003. How Hyperkin got permission to try this remains to be spotted… Nintendo is normally very protective of its producers, so it is going to be crowd pleasing to look how this develops.

In other Nintendo knowledge, word on the street suggests the company is eyeing a re-release of its seminal N64, during which the console it will be redone and introduced with its distinctive titles, merely as Nintendo did with the NES Classic and SNES Classic.

Nintendo has even filed a hallmark for the console, indicating it is now a case of when no longer if it happens.

As a HUGE N64 fan, this can be awesome for me and it is something I might surely gain. I spend most of my teenage years locked in three-hour long duals on Goldeneye with buddies.

I want do to that another time!

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