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What if I advised you that Hooked upIn, a social media platform that is now 14 years old-fashioned, is the next huge selection for marketers and kinds? While a large number of the focus over the previous few years has been on perfecting our Facebook and Instagram promoting and advertising strategies, Hooked upIn has been silently emerging their individual base to more than 500 million shoppers. The reason for this unexpected growth? Hooked upIn isn’t recognized only for their résumé and procedure having a look options. It’s evolving proper right into a thriving neighborhood of unbelievable content material subject matter, influencers, and networking possible choices unequalled via other social media platforms. In episode #69 of The Science of Social Media, we find the more than a few choices that make Hooked upIn this kind of difficult platform for producers and what marketers need to know going into 2018.

The silent rise of Hooked upIn: What marketers need to know

If you were to query me to describe Hooked upIn in 2015, I might most likely have discussed something along the lines of, “a great professional network” or “the perfect place to find a job.” Now, as we close out 2017, it’s clear that Hooked upIn is in brief becoming an influence to be reckoned with in the world of B2C and B2B promoting and advertising. Microsoft may have to have spotted something inside the rising famous person as well officially acquiring Hooked upIn for $26.2 billion at the end of 2016 in one of the largest social media gives in history. A to hand information a coarse take a look at Hooked upIn’s journey to 500 million individuals:

  • 2003 (0 individuals): Launch
  • 2005 (1.6M individuals): Introduction of Jobs & Subscriptions
  • 2006 (4.2M individuals): Launch of public profiles for individuals
  • 2009 (33M individuals): Jeff Weiner joins Hooked upIn as president
  • 2011 (140M individuals): Hooked upIn goes public
  • 2013 (250M individuals): 10th anniversary of Hooked upIn
  • 2015 (330M individuals): $1.5B acquisition of Lynda.com. Launch of Pulse
  • 2016 (400M individuals): Microsoft acquires Hooked upIn for $26.2B
  • 2017 (500M individuals): 100,000 new articles revealed weekly

What’s most astonishing is how fast Hooked upIn has grown during the last six years. Between 2011 and 2017, Hooked upIn’s individual base grew from 140 million to 500 million shattering the growth charge in previous categories.

Hooked upIn demographics

One of the additional intriguing aspects of Hooked upIn is the demographics of their shoppers.

  • Twenty-nine % of online adults use Hooked upIn
  • Fifty-six % of consumers are male and 44 % are female
  • Fifty-one % of consumers have a faculty point
  • Thirteen % of millennials (15 to 34-year-olds) use Hooked upIn
  • Forty-four % of consumers earn more than $75,000 a 12 months
  • Forty-one % of millionaires use Hooked upIn
  • The cheap CEO has 930 connections
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining are the best talents on Hooked upIn

CEO Jeff Weiner plans to “develop the world’s first economic graph” with the hopes of “digitally mapping out the global economy.” A function not a long way from reach seeing how Hooked upIn has an in-depth dataset of company, business, and specific individual contact wisdom for more than 500 million individuals.  In the long-term, this it will be a game-changer for marketers and kinds inside the B2B space.

Written content material subject matter

Did you remember that Hooked upIn Pulse started since the Pulse app a class challenge at Stanford University in 2010? It wasn’t until 2015 that Hooked upIn completely integrated Pulse into the platform and established themselves as a content-first social media neighborhood.

Before Pulse, Hooked upIn didn’t offer shoppers or influencers so much inside of the kind of herbal content material subject matter. When they presented that they’d be opening up their Pulse publishing platform to most people in February 2014, it opened the floodgates to a global of content material subject matter. Today, Pulse no longer operates as a separate software inside Hooked upIn. It’s seamlessly integrated into individuals’ feeds as articles to be in agreement give a boost to the content-first revel in. It’s operating, too! More than 100,000 herbal articles are revealed weekly on Hooked upIn, a lot of which are written via top-level executives at producers in every single place the sector. Startup Founder, Gretta van Riel, explains merely how difficult Hooked upIn has been for her content material subject matter:

Video content material subject matter

On August 22, 2017, Hooked upIn presented what may well be their greatest change since Pulse native Hooked upIn video. Just a few months after free up, the evidence seems to be pointing in opposition to motion pictures showing extremely well on Hooked upIn. Videos from the limited unlock are getting shared 20+ events more than some other content material subject matter. Our workforce has been listening to the equivalent sentiment from marketers in every single place. We moreover had the unbelievable selection to visit the Hooked upIn workforce at MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum this 12 months. Hooked upIn plans to roll out the native video feature to producers and firms inside the shut to longer term an change that we’re all excited for! Our teammate, Paul Thomson, has been experimenting with native Hooked upIn video with great success.Several of his motion pictures are showing two to 3 times upper on Hooked upIn than they are on other social media platforms. An ideal sign for Hooked upIn as a video publishing platform.

Becoming a platform for influencers

An interesting development that we’ve been holding an in depth eye on is Hooked upIn’s construction of their invite-only Influencer Program. As Daniel Roth, Editor in Chief at Hooked upIn writes, “LinkedIn’s Influencers an invite-only group of some of the top minds in business have access to briefings, data, and experts that the rest of us can only dream about.” Offering Influencers an distinctive platform to publish content material subject matter used to be as soon as a perfect switch on the part of Hooked upIn. One, because it supplies Influencers a confident way to get their content material subject matter in front of lots of 1000’s of individuals. Two, on account of naturally, Influencers will put across their own audience to the Hooked upIn platform via simply sharing their content material subject matter with their fanatics. And three, it bolsters Hooked upIn’s recognition as a thought-leader in multiple sectors.

The Influencers to this point include Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Sallie Krawcheck, James Altucher, and further. In fact, 36 % of Hooked upIn individuals now be told interesting articles they to find in their feed, an increase of 20 % since 2014. Activating influencers to write great content material subject matter gives Hooked upIn a novel get advantages over other social media networks.

Personal branding

Ultimately, Hooked upIn’s greatest value proposition and its reason for growth lie inside the ability for individuals to extend an impressive personal brand.

  • Seventy-nine % of professionals say that networking is effective for occupation growth
  • Sixty-one % of execs say that commonplace online interactions with networks can lead to procedure possible choices

But what does this suggest for B2C and B2B companies? When producers have employees that actually really feel empowered to assemble a brand and get began facet tasks outside of their typical art work, it’s a win-win for each and every the individual and the emblem. Having creative leisure pursuits has been confirmed to make other people further helpful, collaborative, and artistic in their procedure potency.


I can be ready to’t allow you to know what selection of relationships I’ve made via simply achieving out to any person on Hooked upIn and saying hello. Many of the guests we’ve featured on The Science of Social Media were first offered to us by means of a non-public Hooked upIn message. Whenever I have a question about social media or promoting and advertising, one of the first places I turn to is Hooked upIn. Check out this unbelievable infographic put together in the course of the parents over at Number Sleuth showing merely how essential Hooked upIn has develop to be for personal brand and networking:

Where we move from proper right here

We be expecting that 2018 it will be an ideal 12 months for Hooked upIn each and every as a social media platform and a promoting and advertising channel for producers and firms. It’s a fast-growing neighborhood with exciting choices being introduced frequently. These choices will continue to open up rather a large number of great possible choices for marketers to connect with highly-targeted audiences in new and engaging tactics. Keep a watch mounted on the growth of written and video content material subject matter as well as to an better focal point on activating influencers via producers within in their team. It’s a great time to be on Hooked upIn!

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